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 (kə-chē′nə) or kat·si·na (kə-chē′nə, kət-sē′-)
1. Any of numerous deified ancestral spirits of the Pueblo peoples, believed to reside in the pueblo for part of each year.
2. A masked dancer believed to embody a particular spirit during a religious ceremony.
3. A carved doll in the costume of a particular spirit, usually presented as a gift to a child.

[Hopi katsina, supernatural being, masked impersonator of a supernatural being.]
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(Non-European Myth & Legend) any of the supernatural beings believed by the Hopi Indians to be the ancestors of living humans
[from Hopi qačina supernatural]
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or ka•tci•na

(kəˈtʃi nə)

n., pl. -nas.
1. any of a class of supernatural beings who play a role in the religious beliefs and rituals of Pueblo Indian peoples.
2. a masked dancer impersonating such a being.
3. a carved wooden doll representing a kachina.
[1885–90; < Hopi ḳacína]
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Noun1.kachina - a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
2.kachina - a deified spirit of the Pueblo people
disembodied spirit, spirit - any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings
3.kachina - a carved doll wearing the costume of a particular Pueblo spirit; usually presented to a child as a gift
doll, dolly - a small replica of a person; used as a toy
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in the 1980s, I gathered the top managers in an off-site meeting at one of those New Age retreat centers outside Santa Fe where they had painted kachinas and geckos on the stucco walls to make it seem authentic.
"Hopi Kachinas: History, Legends, and Art" is an extended background and history of the Hopi kachina dolls and the Hopi Katsina cult filled with color photographs of carved wooden kachina dolls and other artworks by contemporary Hopi artists.
Kachinas and Ceremonial Dancers in Zuni Jewelry is a top pick for arts and Native American holdings alike, and narrows its focus to Kachinas and Zuni jewelry.
Right in Old Town Scottsdale is the best place to took for desert art: Navajo rugs and Hopi kachinas (ask before you buy, there are a tot of knockoffs) and turquoise jewelry.
Consisting of over 4000 items including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, kachinas, jewelry, rattles, ceramics, baskets and textiles, the collection was amassed by an attorney art appreciator between 1960 and 2010, when it was bequeathed to the University of Oklahoma.
In Southwestern Pueblo tribes, Kachinas became involved with these activities as well, and in Alaska, Easter egg hunts have been compared to the springtime traditional subsistence harvests of wild bird and fish eggs.
I have been collecting Kachinas since 1975 and have seen sellers try to sell Kachinas made in older styles, like this one, as authentic antiques, they are not.
Day, who spent childhood summers on the Hopi reservation, specializes in traditional Hopi katsina dolls, commonly called "kachinas"--"what the Hopi use every day as opposed to what they make for the Anglo art market," he says.
Even schematic kachinas and other totemic forms seem to materialize in the works' rhythmic interplay.
The answer brought us to think deeper about Hopi beliefs concerning kachinas (sometimes called katsina dolls) and how the meaning of kachinas should be approached.
The Sumerians believed AL.U to be beings of heaven"; "The Hopi believe Kachinas are the spirits of nature messengers and teachers sent by the Great Spirit.