n.1.(Zool.) The jackdaw.
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Tenders are invited for construction of dirt wall and construction of approaches of 1x11 mtrs span bridge on mohammadpora kadder road
The besieged villages are located in the entire stretch that falls between within two major Shopian-Islamabad routes - one from Kulgam and another from Kadder - which run parallel to each other.On the other hand, Indian Army has intensified its frisking and checking in Vehil, Shamsipora, Amashpora, Chitterpora, Kachdoora and adjoining villages in the district causing huge inconvenience to the people.
I seemed to be in Merioneth at Maisellan kadder ruse where I was brought up, and behold I was with my elder Brother by the river side, and it seemed to me a glorious day, and about two in the afternoon, on a sudden my Brother was gone, I knew not how nor where; and as I lifted up mine eyes again, the Sun by degrees became dark ...
The master bedroom has warm, stripped wooden flooring and a kadder radiator, and a good sized second bedroom.
Todo seguiria igual, esto no pasaria de la cronica cotidiana de Freddy y sus amigos a no ser porque en su camino se atraviesa Kadder (Kadder Chatouf), cuyo pecado es ser arabe, ha empezado a rondar a Marie y aprovecha que ella y Freddy se han disgustado para empezar a salir con ella.
Tenders are invited for Construction of cement concrete drain on qaimoh kadder road to kharbrari road in km 1st at spots (agg.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation of katrasoo kadder road by way of supplying and filling of rbm and p/l of wbm gr-iii (agg.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation of qaimoh kadder road to kharbrari parigam by way of rbm and wbm gr-ii including p-l of rcc pipes agg.
Tenders are invited for UP-gradation of road from main road of qaumoh kadder to parigam by way of providing laying of 50 mm thick bituminous macadam and 25mm thick semidense with 6 mm thick seal coat on existing pavement mechanically with paver
Tenders are invited for Providing-Llaying of RCC slab for 1x15 Mtr span steel decked bridge on Mohammadpora Kadder road in KM 2nd at Khee
Tenders are invited for Re-construction of damaged approach wall incld apporach filling of 1x15 Mtr span steel decked bridge on Katrasoo kadder road
Tenders are invited for Re-construction of damaged protection work of 1x20 Mtr span bridge at Matipora on Katrasoo Kadder Khee road Km 1st