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A city of southern North Korea near the South Korean border. It is intersected by the 38th parallel and changed hands several times during the Korean War.


(Placename) a city in SW North Korea: former capital of Korea (938–1392). Pop: 621 000 (2005 est)
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It would like to restart tours to Mount Kumgang as well as reopen the Kaeseong Joint Industrial Complex.
This official act by Moon follows his earlier decision to send $8 million to Pyongyang as "humanitarian aid" and his contemplation to reopen the Kaeseong joint industrial complex that was shuttered in February 2016 to punish the North for its provocations with nuclear weapons and ICBM testing.
The special exceptional law of the DPRK consists of the separate legal regimes that govern each of the special economic regions set up by the DPRK, namely Raseon, Sinuiju, Kaeseong, and Geumgangsan.