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n.1.A chantry chapel inclosed with lattice or screen work.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It has been quite a journey for KAGE founder Basma Abu Ghazaleh.
Earlier, Kage had said: "You say Prime Minister changes outfits again and again.
In Civic Engagement in Postwar Japan, Rieko Kage explores how war-tom societies bounced back from war devastation by focusing on Japan in the wake of World War II.
Kage admitted to killing one of them with a Japanese sword himself, according to the document.
KAGE is the brand name for film systems manufactured by Kabra ExtrusionTechnik (KET) Ltd.
Even though his detailed plans for the forthcoming 2006-07 season were already announced, later it was stated officially that Kage had resigned (see "Dance Matters," Sept.).
Kage, the sleek Swedish dancer who was a principal at American Ballet Theatre in the 1970s, has made it clear that he was terminated and did not resign, as was first reported by Ballet
Kage did not attempt such severe choreographic changes as to turn this ballet on its ear, but he updated it in feel, making it boldly sensuous.
When Kage took over in 1997, the company took a hard look at its goals (see "Ballet West Rediscovered," Dance Magazine, February, page 44).
"Projection [onstage] and artistic communication were always big for him," Kage remembers.
Fortunately, "Pointe Counterpoint," artistic director Jonas Kage's innovative third program in his first year at Ballet West, was carefully chosen to speak to that attitude, with works that were clearly within the realm of ballet, yet bracingly enhanced by modern technique and spirit.