Kaieteur Falls

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Kai·e·teur Falls

A waterfall, 251 m (822 ft) high, in the Potaro River of central Guyana.
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Kaieteur Falls

pl n
(Placename) a waterfall in Guyana, on the Potaro River. Height: 226 m (741 ft). Width: about 107 m (350 ft)
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Kai′e•teur Falls′

(ˌkaɪ ɪˈtʊər)

a waterfall in central Guyana, on a tributary of the Essequibo River. 741 ft. (226 m) high.
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Thus was born the legend of the Kaieteur Falls (teur meaning 'fall' in local dialects).
Go up the Kaieteur Falls in the middle of the forest and be amazed by the thousands of water gallons flowing down.
Perhaps one Guyana's most precious geological gems is Kaieteur Falls, the tallest single-drop waterfall in the world.
Excursions include the breathtaking Kaieteur Falls, where you can hike to the top of the world's highest free-falling waterfall.
It has the world's most breathtaking wonders such as the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela, the highest single drop waterfall Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, the Amazon River which is the largest in the world, the Andes which is the longest mountain range, the amazing Atacama Desert, the largest rainforest, Bolivia's capital which is the highest capital city and let us not forget the navigational wonder, which is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world (Lake Titicaca).
Elsewhere across the globe, Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is the only one of the world's 10 highest waterfalls to have a Twitter account.
The park's crowning jewel and biggest attraction is Kaieteur Falls, which, like many other cascades in the area, pours over one of central Guyana's signature tabletop mountains.
(Guyana land of many rivers which is home to the worlds largest, most powerful single drop waterfall Kaieteur Falls and as it cascades down its windy rivers, swims the worlds largest freshwater fish the Arapaima and alongside it skips the rivers surface, pink dolphins, as they see beyond their river basin banks into unspoilt dense jungle, which lurks the largest S.
LAST week we saw Steve Backshall gamely abseiling 220 metres down the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.
WEB FEAT: George's giant spider; TIME OUT: Gordon takes a break on his amazing trip; SHARP END: Steve with a sabretooth characin; WEB CAST: The whipspider is a rare sight but the Scots got close up; SCALE NEW HEIGHTS: An Amazon forest dragon; ON THE UP: The boat is dragged up Kaieteur Falls; SMALL WORLD: Crazy caterpillar, Harpy Eagle, antwren chicks and horned frog; PICTURES: BBC
Conservation has a long history in the Guianas: the first protected area was established at the spectacular Kaieteur Falls of Guyana in 1921.
Note Vaughan's phrase, "A few of us went to the Falls." For goodness sake, the Kaieteur Falls offer one of the most natural beauty sights in the world, and there is little to compare with a boat trip up the Demerara river to be welcomed by numerous riverside villagers into a world seemingly in a time warp of centuries long gone.