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A city of north-central China south-southwest of Beijing on the Yellow River. It was an important dynastic capital.


(Placename) a city in E China, in N Henan on the Yellow River: one of the oldest cities in China and its capital (as Pien-liang) from 907 to 1126. Pop: 810 000 (2005 est)



a city in NE Henan province, in E China: a former provincial capital. 507,763.
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Initially the capital of the Empire was based in Kaifeng (Northern Sung) until it was overrun by the Mongols, whence the capital moved to Hangzhou, in south eastern China (Southern Sung).
Oracle Retail provides a complete and integrated suite of solutions from planning to execution, said He Kaifeng, Chief Information Officer, PurCotton Group.
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Li Guangyu, the Chairman and Executive Director of YuHua Edu said, "In the future, relying on our strong pipeline for opening new schools, the Group is planning to construct three new high schools which will be located in the Group's existing campuses, including Xuchang YuHua Elite School Campus, Kaifeng YuHua Elite School Campus and Jiyuan YuHua Elite School Campus, each of which will involve building a new student dormitory and ancillary teaching facilities relatively.
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In November 2016, a professor accompanied 10 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) students to YRCTI in Kaifeng, China, to complete a surveying field camp course.
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The soil was purchased from Kaifeng Seed Company and contained at least 28% total organic matter and 2% total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
About 1,000 Kaifeng residents claim Jewish ancestry in a city population of 4.