n.1.(Naut.) See Caique.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Camila Alfaro de OLIVEIRA BELLO (1) [iD], Andre Rodrigues da CUNHA BARRETO-VIANNA (2) [iD], Kaique NOGUEIRA (1) [iD], Anna Clara SANTOS (1), Eduardo Mauricio MENDES DE LIMA (1) [iD]
Kaique Mesquita Cardoso (1) Alessandro de Paula (2) Jose Soares dos Santos (3) Maria Lucia Pires dos Santos (4)
Kaique Batista dos Santos, 16, had all his teeth pulled out with pliers and was battered to death by a gang of skinheads.
His body was found in Sao Paulo, Brazil, just a mile from the city's new 65,000 seater stadium which hosts the first match on June 12 Kaique's sister Tayna said: "These thugs enjoy beating and torturing and taking the lives of homosexuals.
Single mother Cleuza (Sandra Corveloni), a pregnant housemaid in danger of losing her job, struggles to keep control of her boys, especially the youngest, Reginaldo (Kaique de Jesus Santos), who is obsessed with tracking down his biological father.
Sandra Corveloni, Joao Baldasserini, Jose Geraldo Rodrigues, Vinicius de Oliveira, Kaique de Jesus Santos.
Cleuza Sandra Corveloni Denis Joao Baldasserini Dinho Jose Geraldo Rodrigues Reginaldo Kaique de Jesus Santos Dario Vinicius de Oliveira Putting sociological elements on an equal footing with drama, Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas look at poor Sao Paulo youths' limited options through the fives of four brothers in "Linha de Passe." By focusing on fatherless boys trying to make their way in life without resorting to criminality, the atmospheric film consciously positions itself as an alternative to flashier recent Brazilian fare steeped in drugs and death, and addresses serious issues without insisting on its own self-importance.
Just entering his teens, Reginaldo (Kaique de Jesus Santos), who unlike his half-brothers is black, is both the most precocious and unruly of the bunch; he's also obsessed with finding his father, whom he believes to be a bus driver, which leads him to spend considerable time riding buses and hanging around stations.
He takes over Cheesecake Sam's and turns it into the more fashionable Chez Kaique Sam's.