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Noun1.Kaiser Wilhelm - grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918Kaiser Wilhelm - grandson of Queen Victoria and Kaiser of Germany from 1888 to 1918; he was vilified as causing World War I (1859-1941)
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The descendants of the last German emperor and king of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, have embarked on a struggle to get back properties and treasures that were confiscated by the Soviets in 1945.
If the Mayflower had been sent packing, Europe would have remained pretty much unaffected - and imagine, there would have been no America to rescue us from Kaiser Wilhelm II, Hitler, Mussolini, and goodness knows who else.
Those present were boosted by visitors to the area and all responded with 'boisterous satisfaction' when a effigy of Kaiser Wilhelm II, set alight by Lady Muir, was burnt on the bonfire.
On July 1, the historic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, along the famed Kurfurstendamm Avenue, played host to Pundaquit Virtuosi's first concert in Berlin.
Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, the great-great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the current head of the Hohenzollern family, argued that a 1998 agreement under which St Goar granted the hotel next to the ruins a 99-year leasehold amounted to a sale.
In 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany neither expected nor wanted war.
1859: Kaiser Wilhelm II, third German emperor and grandson of Queen Victoria, was born.
1859: Kaiser Wilhelm II, third German emperor and first grandson of Queen Victoria, was born.
To illustrate how the emperorAEs actions affected peasants who fought in World War I, the author compares the stories of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary and Samuel MolzolA k (the authorAEs wifeAEs grandfather), a Slovak peasant in the country, from the perspective of the Eastern Theater of operations, as well as telling the story of the Habsburg Empire and German Kaiser Wilhelm II and Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
People walk past concrete barriers as preparations are under way for a Christmas market in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) in Berlin, almost one year after a religious extremist hijacked a truck and ploughed into shoppers at the Christmas market here, killing 12 people.
Summary: Movie based on the life of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, who abdicated in 1918 and lived on in exile in the Netherlands for more than 20 years