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A business management system or philosophy aimed at producing ongoing incremental improvements throughout an organization, especially in quality and efficiency.

[Japanese : kai, change (from Middle Chinese kaj´; also the source of Mandarin gǎi) + zen, good (from Early Middle Chinese dʑian'; also the source of Mandarin shàn).]
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(Philosophy) a philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices that underlies total quality management and just-in-time business techniques
[literally: improvement]
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Singh, Manjeet and ShroutyVivekARevoew, 2013, Literature Survey for the Implementation of Kaizan, International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) Volume 3, Issue 1, July.
At the heart of this process are a number of employment practices that have increased worker precarity, including kaizan (continuous improvement), flexible employment, work teams, and zero downtime for workers.
These days, the 58-year-old artist likes to listen to John Kaizan Neptune and Earl Klugh-mellow fusion jazz from the late '70s and early '80s-while working.
Shakuhachi: John Kaizan Neptun, BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.
The time is right to embrace the Kaizan spirit, which puts ideas before investment, and where deletion of waste comes before addition of fresh resources.
Bahraini businesses working in different sectors interested in the KAIZAN methodology can visit www.tamkeen.bh/kaizen.
This spirit needs to be kept up and accelerated so that improvement is ensured in Enterprise Governance as an on-going process to maintain the spirit of Kaizan.
KARACHI, October 20, 2010 (Balochistan Times): By fostering the principles of Kaizan, a new system of effective management, Pakistan can enhance its exports.
I am sorry to tell you that I found a misprint of "Kaizan" in a subtitle, but 1 am grateful because this gave me an insight.
It will examine when to use kaizan and lean production techniques, quality analysis techniques such as TQM and Six Sigma, simulation models, and techniques such as robust design.