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 (kă′lən-kō′ē, kə-lăng-kə-wē′, kă′lən-chō′)
Any of several succulent plants of the genus Kalanchoe, often cultivated as houseplants for their fleshy leaves and colorful flowers.

[New Latin Kalanchoe, probably from a Chinese source akin to Cantonese gaa1 laam4 coi3 : gaa1 laam4, Buddhist monastery (from Middle Chinese kɦia lam, short for səə̆ŋ kɦia lam mua, from Sanskrit saṃghārāmaḥ : saṃghaḥ, sangha; see sangha + ārāmaḥ, pleasure grove) + coi3, vegetable, greens; see bok choy.]


(Plants) any plant of the tropical succulent genus Kalanchoe, grown as pot plants for their small brightly coloured flowers, sometimes scented, and their dark shiny leaves: family Crassulaceae
[New Latin, from the Chinese name of one of the species]


(ˌkæl ənˈkoʊ i, ˈkæl ənˌtʃoʊ)

n., pl. -cho•es.
any of several succulent plants or shrubs of the genus Kalanchoe, of the stonecrop family, having small red flowers.
[1820–30; < New Latin (1763)]
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