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Noun1.Kalapuya - a member of the North American Indian people of Oregon
Penutian - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Penutian languages
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The Bethel School District has been awarded $65,951 to strengthen and expand its existing farm-to-school program and to provide year-round learning opportunities at the Bethel Farm, located between Kalapuya and Prairie Mountain schools in west Eugene.
Kenoyer (1868-1937), the last known speaker of the Tualatin dialect of Northern Kalapuya, dictated this autobiography in the language in 1928 and 1936.
The Willamette Valley was burned prior to the 1900s by native Kalapuya Indians, preventing invasions of tall grasses, shrubs, and trees.
The book's one myth from the Kalapuya, who once lived in the Willamette Valeey of Oregon, is said to be "told by Barry Lopez in 1977." Lopez changed it when he put it in his own anthology.
Other buildings within the Heritage Center grounds tell the story of Methodist missionaries who came to the Mid-Willamette Valley in the 1840s to spread Christianity to the Oregon Territory and the Kalapuya people.
According to Johnson's Facebook page, he attended Kalapuya High School and Willamette High School before studying at Lane Community College.
Long Tom River histories - An illustrated talk by David Turner, author of "Along the Long Tom River: Observations From the Past and Present," joined by local historian Douglas Card; they will discuss the physical and cultural changes to the river over time, the historic trails running along its banks, as well as local history, including the Kalapuya people, the Oregon Trail, watershed issues and habitat preservation.
As the racers passed under the Whilamut Passage Bridge, a historical mural of Kalapuya people in canoes came into view.
The UO was able to join the others because of this year's opening of the new Kalapuya Ilihi residence hall, which houses 552 students.
Some of the state's rarest ecosystems are along its banks, and the area was once home to a long-standing Native American people, the Chelamela Kalapuya, who still exist in small numbers.
Some featured artists include "The Basket Cases," from Crafty Mercantile, which design and create handmade pine needle baskets; and Rina Francisco, of Kalapuya Books, who will have limited-edition woodblock printing and original cut paper art.
Across the street, Kalapuya Books will be featuring wood block prints by artist Heather Barrett.