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 (kə-lăsh′nə-kôf′, -kŏf′)
Any of a series of assault rifles of Soviet design, especially the AK-47.

[After Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov (born 1919), Soviet arms engineer.]
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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a Russian-made automatic rifle. See also AK-47
[C20: named after Mikhail Kalashnikov (1919–2013), its designer]
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(kəˈlɑʃ nɪ kɔf, -ˌkɒf)
any of a series of Soviet-made assault rifles, esp. the AK-47.
[1970–80; < Russian]
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A type of Russian submachine gun, from the name of its makers.
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Noun1.Kalashnikov - a type of submachine gun made in Russia
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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[kəˈlæʃnɪkɒf] nkalashnikov f
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nKalaschnikow f
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Similarly, city police arrested 37 criminals from different areas of the district and recovered seven Kalashnikovs, six rifles and 31 pistols.
The police also recovered three Kalashnikovs, 12 hand grenades, 278 pistols, two repeaters, eight rifles, one-shot gun and 911 different types of rounds.
As part of a blossoming "partnership," Russia is proposing, among others, a joint project with the Philippines for the production of assault rifles, including Kalashnikovs, in this country.
SARGODHA -- The Sargodha police recovered 82kg heroine, 1,111kg hashish, 60 kg opium, 114,566 bottles of liquor and 59 Kalashnikovs in 2017.
Most notably, they stated, "If any major military power pushes ahead with AI weapon development, a global arms race is virtually inevitable, and the endpoint of this technological trajectory is obvious: autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow" (Future of Life Institute 2015).
BANNU -- Police arrested five terrorists, 268 proclaimed offenders, 708 offenders in this month and recovered 49 Kalashnikovs, five hand grenades, 219 pistols and more than 6500 bullets in different operations, said spokes person of Regional police officer.
A high-ranking detective in Tunisian massacre beach resort Sousse told the Sunday People that Russian-made Kalashnikovs are on the open market for around 400 dinars or PS130.
Marseille (France): Police said on Monday they came under fire in an infamous housing estate in the French city of Marseille after residents said "Kalashnikovs" were being fired, though no victims were reported.
MARSEILLE, France (TAP) - Hooded gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs have fired on police in the French city of Marseille, officials said.
Concern is also raised in the indictment that the three Kalashnikovs and bullet casings allegedly fired from those rifles may have been placed in the area of the incident after the event occurred.
KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq: Police sources said here today that a joint force captures 8 wanted and suspected persons and seized 4 Kalashnikovs south of Kirkuk city.