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n.1.See Calendar.
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Indeed, her conversation was so pure, her looks so sage, and her whole deportment so grave and solemn, that she seemed to deserve the name of saint equally with her namesake, or with any other female in the Roman kalendar.
Neighbours discovered he was a convicted child killer after finding his name on the Black Kalendar website, which lists British murders.
The distance of the route is calculated according to Sibirskii torgovo-promyshlennyi kalendar' na 1911 g.
The authorities rushed to the site with Brigadier Mohammad Rashid Bayat, director of Sharjah Police Operations, Brigadier Dr Khalifa Kalendar, director of police comprehensive stations, and Colonel Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, director of Sharjah Civil Defence, spearheading the rescue operation.
Brigadier General Dr Khalifa Kalendar, director of police stations department, showered praise on the man for his honesty and integrity.
The potential consequences of depression in adults with ESRD are poor quality of life, frequent hospitalizations, and increased mortality (Feng, Yap, & Ng, 2013; Finkelstein, Wuerth, Troidle, & Finkelstein, 2008; Kalendar, Ozdemir, & Koroglu, 2005).
His colleague was a wandering Kalendar of the Malamati--Malamatis were a Muslim mystic group active in 9th centurywho believed in the value of self-blame--also known as the "Blameworthy".
Amer Kalendar, Director of Asset Management at Jumeirah Golf Estates, said: "Jumeirah Golf Estates is pleased to partner with Ellidore Lifestyle to provide its residents with top-rate concierge services.
Amer Kalendar, director of asset management at Jumeirah Golf Estates said: "We always strive to provide the highest quality luxury and service to our residents and members.
Michelson believed the red leather almanac - "Gaines Universal Register or American and British Kalendar for the year 1793" - to be of great value.
Devotional works such as Caxton's translation and edition of the Golden Legend (1484) and Pynson's Kalendar of Shepherds (1506) were used to legitimize the merchant community.
He adds, however, "Yet the apparent formlessness of his later Journal conceals a crucial aspect of its larger rationale," namely his "goal to compile a comprehensive phenological 'Kalendar' of the natural events taking place in Concord and its environs" (239).