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Even in populated India a man cannot a day sit still before the wild things run over him as though he were a rock; and in that wilderness very soon the wild things, who knew Kali's Shrine well, came back to look at the intruder.
He wished to rub off the velvet of his horns against the cold stones of Kali's statue, and stamped his feet when he saw the man at the shrine.
The villagers saw the outline of the barasingh stalking like a shadow through the dark forest behind the shrine; saw the minaul, the Himalayan pheasant, blazing in her best colours before Kali's statue; and the langurs on their haunches, inside, playing with the walnut shells.
The priest was older, and many of the little children who used to come with the begging-dish sent their own children now; and when you asked of the villagers how long their holy man had lived in Kali's Shrine at the head of the pass, they answered, "Always."
Kali's Shrine stood above the clouds, for the most part, and there was a whole month in which the Bhagat never caught a glimpse of his village.
The deer's antlers clashed as he strode into the shrine, clashed against the grinning statue of Kali. He lowered them in Purun Bhagat's direction and stamped uneasily, hissing through his half-shut nostrils.
The travellers crossed, beyond Milligaum, the fatal country so often stained with blood by the sectaries of the goddess Kali. Not far off rose Ellora, with its graceful pagodas, and the famous Aurungabad, capital of the ferocious Aureng-Zeb, now the chief town of one of the detached provinces of the kingdom of the Nizam.
Later high court while commuting death sentence of Muhammad Hanif alias Kali into life imprisonment had upheld life imprisonment of Muhammad Akram.
A senior ETPB official told Dawn that the board's Rawalpindi Chapter held an inquiry into the complaints of the Hindu community that Kali Mata Temple was being used for commercial purposes and it should be vacated and handed over to them for religious purposes.
Kingstone beat the much fancied home team Umeme Bees by a solitary goal in the semi-finals played last weekend while Allin Jua Kali also eliminated another darling of the crowd, Masa from Makongeni by a similar score line.
When the police party reached near Kali Pulli, three armed motorcyclists opened fire on it to get their accomplice released.
Tax levies and facilitation of key infrastructure is key to promoting business hence a good breeding zone to SMEs and also the jua kali sector.