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Noun1.Kalki - the 10th and last incarnation of Vishnu
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Segun el Matsya (144.40-41), Kalkin, el avatdra futuro que rescatara a la sociedad brahmanica al final del Kali Yuga, destruira a los pdsandas.
** yolculuk sirasinda 1-2 saatte bir ayaga kalkin yuruyus yapin
In addition to overseeing projects through completion, Galvin supplies containers to architects like Adam Kalkin, a New Jersey based designer.
7-9, which will feature world-famous architect Adam Kalkin. Kalkin is best-known for his work in container housing and will speak about portable storage architecture during one of the sessions.
Such comparisons could shed further light at the connection between Jaisingh's horse sacrifice(s) and the worship of Kalkin, the last and future embodiment (avatara) of the god Visnu.
For those with fading memories or shorter-term industry credentials, when Gene Kalkin founded LNT in 1975, it was much closer in format to a discount or closeout store than anything else.
Designed by artist/architect Adam Kalkin, illy Push Button House is driven by hydraulics controlled by a specially designed computer located inside the dining room table.
Ignoring all this you click on a heading in the list on the left and up comes, say, Kalkin House which is based on three shipping containers--as are several others.
It's the brainwave of American architect Adam Kalkin, who's made a series of "Quik Houses" from recycled shipping containers.
"A lady called Marian Kalkin has tried to contact us, but unfortunately, she left an incomplete phone number and we haven't been able to find her.
NoRMA, the Department Store Division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, Minneapolis, Minn.; Silver Award, the Department Store Division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, Minneapolis, Minn.; Award of Merit, Kalkin & Company, Paramus, N.J.