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(ˈkælmʌk) or


npl -mucks, -muck, -myks or -myk
1. (Peoples) a member of a Mongoloid people of Buddhist tradition, who migrated from W China in the 17th century
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Mongolic branch of the Altaic family
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n., pl. -myks (esp. collectively) -myk (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
1. a member of a Mongolian people living mainly N of the Caspian Sea and W of the lower Volga River in S European Russia.
2. the language of the Kalmyks.
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The man came up near them with a flag of truce, and called to them; but though he spoke several of their languages, or dialects of languages rather, he could not understand a word they said; however, after some signs to him not to come near them at his peril, the fellow came back no wiser than he went; only that by their dress, he said, he believed them to be some Tartars of Kalmuck, or of the Circassian hordes, and that there must be more of them upon the great desert, though he never heard that any of them were seen so far north before.
Here we found a Russian village, named Kermazinskoy, where we rested, and heard nothing of the Kalmuck Tartars that day.
Section H, British Association'--so on, so on!--`Publications: "Some Observations Upon a Series of Kalmuck Skulls"; "Outlines of Vertebrate Evolution"; and numerous papers, including "The underlying fallacy of Weissmannism," which caused heated discussion at the Zoological Congress of Vienna.
Kalmuck, savage, bolshevist: all place her outside of western European
(26) Khalkha buree(n) 'trumpet, horn' (Vietze 1988: 67; BAMRS 307), Kalmuck buree 'Blasinstrument, Trompete' (Ramstedt 1935: 67).
also Monguor ugu[bar.a], ugu[bar.i], Kalmuck ug[bar.a]--Poppe 1987 : 289-291).
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