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 (kăl′mĭk, kăl-mĭk′) or Kal·muk (kăl′mŭk, kăl-mŭk′)
n. pl. Kalmyk or Kal·myks or Kalmuk or Kal·muks
1. A member of a traditionally Buddhist Mongol people now located primarily in Kalmykia.
2. The Mongolic language of this people.

[Russian, from Kazan Tatar qalmïq.]



n., pl. -myks (esp. collectively) -myk (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
1. a member of a Mongolian people living mainly N of the Caspian Sea and W of the lower Volga River in S European Russia.
2. the language of the Kalmyks.
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Or to have survived under Nazi administration the population of Karachi (75.000), Kalmuks (124.000), Cecens (408.000), Ingush (92.000), Balkars (43.000) and Tartars from the Crimea Peninsula (300.000) (4).
Once the plunder of the city was complete, and the Germans considered the Poles sufficiently punished for having risen against the occupation, they took from the Cossacks and Kalmuks their looted valuables and sent them to other fronts.
With this ideal in mind, apes were said to have a facial angle of forty-two to fifty degrees, African Negroes and Kalmuks (the Mongolian Peoples of northwestern China) a facial angle of seventy degrees, and Europeans a more noble angle of eighty degrees....