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 (kăl′mĭk, kăl-mĭk′) or Kal·muk (kăl′mŭk, kăl-mŭk′)
n. pl. Kalmyk or Kal·myks or Kalmuk or Kal·muks
1. A member of a traditionally Buddhist Mongol people now located primarily in Kalmykia.
2. The Mongolic language of this people.

[Russian, from Kazan Tatar qalmïq.]



n., pl. -myks (esp. collectively) -myk (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
1. a member of a Mongolian people living mainly N of the Caspian Sea and W of the lower Volga River in S European Russia.
2. the language of the Kalmyks.
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Estimation of breeding and productive qualities of cattle of Kalmyk breed on genetic indicators.
He made a similar offer in May 1993 to Kirsan Ilyumzhin, president of the Kalmyk Republic within the Russian Federation, but reportedly received no response to either inquiry.
In 1943, almost all the Chechen, Ingush, Karachai, Kalmyk, and Balkar peoples were deported to Siberia.
The second monument--in Elista, the capital of Kalmykia--commemorates the deportation of Kalmyk women, children and old people in 1944--during which over 11,000 died.
This is not the standard rite of the Maikop Culture, pottery vessels of which had been deposited in the grave, but close parallels for this rite are found on the Kalmyk steppe.
Erdne Ombadykow was born to Kalmyk parents and sent to study Buddhism in India as a 7-years-olds.
WASHINGTON) Holocaust Memorial Museum Receives Lost Archives From Kalmyk
Ironically, the minority that did not make the trek and remained in Russia now number 300,000 and live as Tibetan Buddhists in Kalmykia, their own autonomous state, with a Kalmyk president.
Initially they spent their time learning the languages of the warlike, nomadic Tatar, Kalmyk, and other tribespeople.