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 (hou′lē, -lā)
n. Hawaii
A white person. Sometimes used disparagingly.

[Hawaiian, foreign, foreigner.]


(Peoples) Caribbean a person who is White
(Peoples) Caribbean relating to a person who is White


(ˈhaʊ li, -leɪ)

n., pl. -les.
usage: haole is usually considered to be a neutral descriptive term. However, it is sometimes used with disparaging intent, arising from a distrust of foreigners or outsiders.
Sometimes Disparaging. (a term used in Hawaii to refer to a white person.)
[1835–45; < Hawaiian: white person, (earlier) foreigner]
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She was new to the island, new to the club, where she'd met Marion--"New haole, meet kama'aina," Emma had remarked when they were introduced.
But if you want to read the ramblings of a Kama'aina (and local kine mom) talking story online, you're in the right blog.
"The addition of a globally-recognized hotel brand to the West Oahu market will make it easier for kama'aina and visitors alike to enjoy all the area has to offer, including the extensive shopping, dining and entertainment options at Ka Makana Ali'i." Other hotels that are being built or planned on Oahu include a 15-story, 247-room Courtyard by Marriott near Honolulu International Airport and another Courtyard by Marriott in Laie near the Polynesian Cultural Center and BYU Hawaii.
'Ohana by Hawaiian said it will be expanding its route network for the summer to include Maui, connecting more islands and offering kama'aina (residents) and visitors more options and more flexibility for neighbor island travel.
Is it any wonder that we are guided by our ancestors, connected to now and to those that follow us, that we have kuleana to preserve the past, to take care of land, sea, and sky; rejoice, revel in our connection to our extraordinary environment, and our duty to keep it whole, to pass it on intact for kama'aina, the children of the land who will come after us?
Mokulele Airlines introduces the WikiWings program Mokulele Airlines, one of Hawai'i's favorite commuter airlines, is rolling out a new program aimed at helping elder kama'aina save money when flying inter-island.E The airline, based on the Big Island, will be offering a flexible travel option that allows Hawai'i senior residents, with state ID (or proof of residence and age), the ability to fly for as low as $38.80 each way (taxes included) when booked within 30 minutes of departure at the airport check-in counter.
Under the new ownership, kama'aina can expect to see a return of many traditions of Mokulele Airlines.
Since our beginnings in October 1981, we have been pleased to provide Hawaiian hospitality to visitors and kama'aina alike.
I argue that these sweet and tantalizing songs also played a significant role as reassuring and enabling texts in the larger project of settler colonialism, through their appropriation and breezy translation of the Hawaiian concept "kama'aina." Kama'aina is often translated literally as "child of the land" and can also mean local, native, "old-timer," or host.
The result has been a growing base of clients that are mostly kama'aina who relish a non rushed massage experience steeped in Hawaiian traditions.
The new rates, which are available for booking TODAY on www.HawaiianAir.com, are designed to stimulate increased kama'aina travel.