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A city of southeast Honshu, Japan, on an arm of the Pacific Ocean south of Yokohama. Probably founded in the seventh century, it is a resort, residential suburb, and religious center.


(Placename) a city in central Japan, on S Honshu: famous for its Great Buddha (Daibutsu), a 13th-century bronze, 15 m (49 ft) high. Pop: 169 714 (2002 est)


(ˌkɑ məˈkʊər ə)

a city on SE Honshu, in central Japan: great bronze statue of Buddha. 174,000.
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O ye who tread the Narrow Way By Tophet-flare to judgment Day, Be gentle when 'the heathen' pray To Buddha at Kamakura!
Some are dormeurs resting beneath a coverlet of clay; others are hidden within urns bearing Hebrew letters drawn from the Kaddish; others are boat travellers bound for the Beyond; still others are kamakuras, meditating bonzes lost in contemplation of the soul's gardens.