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 (kăm-chăt′kə, -chät′-, kəm-chyät′-)
A volcanic peninsula of eastern Russia between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea.


(Russian kamˈtʃatkə)
(Placename) a peninsula in E Russia, between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. Length: about 1200 km (750 miles)


(kæmˈtʃɑt kə, -ˈtʃæt-)

a peninsula in the NE Russian Federation in Asia, between the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. 750 mi. (1210 km) long; 104,200 sq. mi. (269,880 sq. km) wide.
Kam•chat′kan, adj.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 9 (ANI): In a world so replete with options, why bother visiting Kamchatka in far-east Russia?
The Shiveluch Volcano of Kamchatka has ejected a pylon of ash 11 kilometers above sea level, TASS reportedly referring to Russian vulcanologists.
The architecture for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport's (IATA: PKC) new terminal on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia is to be in the form of a volcanic crater.
The Russian Defense Ministry has carried out a test launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 Yars towards a proving ground in the Kamchatka Peninsula.
8 off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula triggered a tsunami warning but the threat has now passed, the U.
The Project 955 Borey-class underwater missile cruiser Yuri Dolgoruky has made a successful launch of a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from the designated area of the Barents Sea towards the Kura practice range in Kamchatka.
English words that are spelled using these and only these letters are hereinafter dubbed kamchatka words, named for an eastern Russian peninsula.
com)-- Siberia's volcanic Kamchatka peninsula has the world's highest concentration of brown bears.
The massive trawler Dalny Vostok sank at about 4am local time in the Sea of Okhotsk, off the Kamchatka Peninsula.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Crossing into territory of military quarter in Russia's far eastern province of Kamchatka on the border with USA, a hungry bear attacked a soldier staying at the guard point.
Closer examination of the specimen in the laboratory revealed that the fish was not an Arrowtooth Flounder, Atheresthes stomias (Jordan and Gilbert, 1880), but its sister species the Kamchatka Flounder, Atheresthes evermanni Jordan and Starks, 1904 (Fig.