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(kɑˈmi nə)

a city in the S Democratic Republic of the Congo. 160,020.
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Tenders are invited for Health Centers in ILUNGA/ZS Mukanga and Katuba/ZS Kamina Province of Haut Lomam
General information Type of notice Invitation to bid level Basic Title Registration Trav rehabilitation of health centers ILUNGA / ZS Mukanga and Katuba / ZS Kamina Prov Top LomamUN organization United Nations Office for Project .
Kamina, a young, female Western lowland gorilla, was born in August at the zoo in Oklahoma City but was shunned by her mother, so she was sent to Cincinnati in September.
After Kamina arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo in September, 17 volunteers, nearly all zoo workers, took turns holding the baby around the clock, teaching her how to be a gorilla.
Volunteers wore hairy vests to give Kamina something to cling too, bottle-fed her and crawled on their hands and knees so Kamina could practice abdominal and back riding.
A newly purchased locomotive hurtled off the track in a swampy region Tuesday as the goods train, bursting with illegal passengers, rounded a bend about 65 kilometres north of Kamina in the southeast of the country.
These qualities constitute Kamina's core beliefs and ultimately the belief system of Kamina, the remainder of Team Dai-Gurren, and viewers.
Simon, his charismatic, eighteen-year-old mentor Kamina, and sharpshooter Yoko use Lagann to reach the surface, where Kamina steals the Gunmen Gurren.
Simon, who is now similar to Kamina in manner and appearance and who possesses the same assumptive world, defeats the Anti-Spirals, but most of his comrades die in battle and Nia ceases to exist after the Anti-Spirals are destroyed.
Kamina's core assumptions--the strength of human willpower, resilience, and personal invulnerability--are proclaimed through complementary visual-verbal combinations where viewers are led to view Kamina and all he embodies as heroic, and then encouraged to view him as ridiculous.
Instead of delivering the anticipated stirring speech, Kamina shouts, "Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi
Our expectation is that this hijacking attempt will be treated like his previous comical endeavors, but comedy is suspended when Gurren rejects Kamina as a suitable pilot.