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or Kan·din·ski  (kăn-dĭn′skē, kən-dyĭn′-), Wassily 1866-1944.
Russian abstract painter who considered form and color capable of expression. A founder of the Blaue Reiter, a German group of abstract expressionists, he also taught at the Bauhaus School (1922-1933).
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Noun1.Kandinski - Russian painter who was a pioneer of abstract art (1866-1944)
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Dall'espressionismo lirico degli anni di formazione, il figurativo giovanile, fatalmente messo in rielaborazione da un Buchicco partecipe ed attento a quanto riecheggiava a Napoli dalla Monaco di Kandinski, dalla Parigi dei Roaring Twenties, dai simbolismi di Klimt e Max Ernst agli splendenti approdi neh'Informale ove Giordano riassume gli esiti di una ricerca colta e raffinata.
Leyenda: <<De lo Espiritual en el arte>>, publicado por Kandinski en 1911.
In another plane, Dali's and Kandinski's painting or modern jazz reproduce past painting and jazz, but they do not copy already given forms.
And she will be expected to build on her improved display at Cork last time, when beating Kandinski. The Mullins mare faces a tough enough task against the likes of Queen Alphabet and Pricess Leya, but might prevail.
LIMERICK: 12.35 Hurricane Sky, 1.05 Luska Lad, 1.35 Milestone Miss, 2.10 Wyndcrest, 2.40 Wildcatted, 3.15 Kandinski, 3.45 Caim Hill, 4.15 Kilnockin Lady.
He was well placed behind the leaders until beginning to tire from the second-last and the run should have brought him on sufficiently to account for rivals such as Smithfield and Kandinski, a Robert Tyner-trained gelding not seen since chasing home the outstanding Simonsig in a point-to-point bumper at the venue two seasons back.