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 (kə-pĕl′mī′stər, kä-)
The leader of a choir or orchestra.

[German : Kapell, choir (from Medieval Latin capella; see chapel) + Meister, master; see Meistersinger.]


n, pl -ter
(Classical Music) a variant spelling of capellmeister


(kənˈdʌk tər)

1. a person who conducts; a leader, guide, director, or manager.
2. an employee on a bus, train, or other public conveyance who is in charge of the conveyance and its passengers, collects fares or tickets, etc.
3. a person who directs an orchestra, band, or chorus, esp. by motions of a baton or the hands.
4. a substance, body, or device that readily conducts heat, electricity, sound, etc.
[1525–50; < Latin]
con•duc•to•ri•al (ˌkɒn dʌkˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-) adj.
con•duc′tor•ship`, n.
References in classic literature ?
close to a county town with a memorable history that had its relics in church and castle) was one of those excellent musicians here and there to be found in our provinces, worthy to compare with many a noted Kapellmeister in a country which offers more plentiful conditions of musical celebrity.
He would become Kapellmeister to the future George I of England in his court at Hanover and then court composer to George II in London.
Kristiina Poska, First Kapellmeister at Komische Oper Berlin, will show her dazzling talent to the audience in Riga for the first time, and we are looking forward to it with much excitement.
Serving for several years as Kapellmeister at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, he has acquired a large repertoire ranging from Mozart to the contemporary composers," said the pamphlet.
Varon was the first Kapellmeister of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Dusseldorf and served as the music director of the Sudwestfalische Philharmonic in the City of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Die Fledermaus--Against the Grain Theatre's Joel Ivany directs, with a rare North American appearance by Canadian conductor Nathan Brock, Kapellmeister at Hamburg State Opera.
In all likelihood, the post of Kapellmeister was held by the violinist Melchior Hlava.
Music in the Duben collection, named for the Swedish organist and composer Gustaf Duben (1628-1690), for example, today valued for its assortment of pieces by Dieterich Buxtehude, and nearly the entire Gospel cycle by the Saxe-Lauenbnrg Kapellmeister Augustin Pfleger (ca.
Recio Kapellmeister dueno de la musicalidad plena", lo llamo el critico Jose Antonio Alcaraz (1938-2001) en su resena Nueva York Distrito Federal (Proceso 1078), por el soberbio concierto que ofrecio al frente de la Filarmonica de Nueva York el 26 de junio de 1997 en el Palacio de Bellas Artes de la Ciudad de Mexico, con "aplomo, sabiduria, oficio y capacidad expresiva" al interpretar la Tercera sinfonia del austriaco Anton Bruckner, "dedicada a ya sabemos quien" (Hitler).
Bernie Bottens is the owner of Kapellmeister Enterprises Inc.
It dates to 1783, when the composer was just older than 50, during the nearly three decades he spent as kapellmeister - master musician - for the wealthy Esterh[sz]zy family.