Kaposis sarcoma

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Ka′po•si's sarco′ma

(ˈkɑ pə siz, ˈkæp ə-)
a cancer of connective tissue characterized by painless purplish red blotches appearing on the skin.
[after Hungarian dermatologist Moritz Kaposi, or Moriz Kohn (1837–1902), who described it in 1872]
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The company said it has already concluded six required non-clinical animal studies for this new route of administration, submitted the summary results in a briefing package to the FDA, and received NIH grants in RA and Kaposis Sarcoma, worth up to $3.
Kaposis sarcoma a common manifestation in the western studies was not seen in any of the patients.
Two of these viruses, Kaposis sarcoma associated herpes virus and Epstein-Barr virus, predispose infected individuals to various cancers.