Karakorum Range

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Ka·ra·ko·ram Range

also Ka·ra·ko·rum Range  (kăr′ə-kôr′əm, kär′-)
A mountain system of northern Pakistan and India and southwest China. An extension of the Hindu Kush, it rises to 8,611 m (28,251 ft) at K2, the second-highest mountain in the world.
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Noun1.Karakorum Range - a mountain range in northern Kashmir; an extension of the Hindu Kush; contains the 2nd highest peak
Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir, Cashmere - an area in southwestern Asia whose sovereignty is disputed between Pakistan and India
Gasherbrum - a mountain in northern Kashmir (26,470 feet high)
Dapsang, Godwin Austen, K2, Mount Godwin Austen - a mountain peak in the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir; the 2nd highest peak in the world (28,250 feet high)
Rakaposhi - a mountain peak in the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir (25,560 feet high)
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The retreating of glacier in Karakorum Range is significance evidence of climate change.
The Karakorum extends 350km parallel to the Himalayas, from the Siachen glacier in the east along the border between Pakistan and China to the Ishkamun River, which divides the Karakorum range from the Hindu Kush in the west (Ives, 2004).
A senior official of Zoological Sciences Division said that migratory birds fly from Siberia to Afghanistan, Karakorum range, across river Indus in Pakistan and finally towards India every year.
India occupied two northern passes on the Saltoro Ridge, thus began the longest undeclared war on the highest battlefield in the world - located in the eastern Karakorum range in the Himalayas north-east of the grid point NJ-9842, the Siachen Glacier is 68km long and 2-3km wide.
The salient and prime segment of the Karakorum Range is situatedinsidePakistan and bridges a connectionflanked by the NW Himalaya, the Hindukushand the Pamir in the West.
In this occasion, his summer visit brings him again to the Karakorum range, where he will attempt two of the great peaks: Broad Peak and K-2.