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 (kär′bə-lə, kär′bə-lä′) also Ker·be·la (kûr′bə-lə)
A city of central Iraq south-southwest of Baghdad. It is a pilgrimage site for Shiite Muslims, who visit the tomb of Hussein, grandson of Muhammad.


(ˈkɑːbələ) or


(Placename) a town in central Iraq: the chief holy city of Iraq and centre of Shiah Muslim pilgrimage; burial place of Mohammed's grandson Husain. Pop: 460 000 (2005 est)
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Noun1.Karbala - a city of central Iraq to the south of BaghdadKarbala - a city of central Iraq to the south of Baghdad; a holy city for Shiite Muslims because it is the site of the tomb of Mohammed's grandson who was killed there in 680
Battle of Kerbala - a battle in 680 in which the grandson of Mohammed and his followers were killed; "the Battle of Kerbala is the basis for the Ta'ziyehs that are performed annually"
Al-Iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic of Iraq - a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq
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An administrative spat between Karbala' and Anbar provinces over a disputed tract of western desert could revive sectarian conflict - a 2006-07 Sunni-Shi'ite war killed tens of thousands of people - as Iraq emerges from years of strife.
It is mentioned that / SWAT / forces assaulted the coach of Karbala club, Mohammed Abbas and four other players after the match between Air Force and Karbala in Karbala's stadium, which entered the Coach to the hospital in a coma and later declared that he is Clinically dead.
Mushtaq Salah, Karbala's captain, performed the penalty kick but was unable to score.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Karbala is in need of more than 500,000 housing units to resolve its housing crisis, the head of the Economic Commission in Karbala's Provincial Council announced today.
The massive influx means Karbala's 320 hotels have been filled, and local families are now opening their homes to travelers, provincial tourism official Ahmed Abdul Hussein said.
Karbala's local government sources told Aswat al-Iraq that "many people suffered interruptions to their cellular services due to the inability of the companies to meet the demands of millions of visitors, as well as for security reasons".
Earlier in Friday afternoon a medical source said that an blast occurred in northern Karbala caused by the explosion of two car bombs, while Security Committee's Member of Karbala's Provincial Council, Sattar al-Ardawi, said that the explosion is caused by improvised explosive devices emplaced underneath cars in a parking lot in northern Karbala.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: About 200,000 foreign visitors arrived in Karbala to commemorate the 40th day martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the head of Tourism and Antiquities Commission at Karbala's Provincial Council said here today.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has opened on Sunday the project of Karbala's main street, called Maitham al-Tammar Street, for a total cost of 28 billion (b) dinars, Karbala Governor said, adding that the new street connects northern Karbala with its south.
On his part, Karbala's Health Media Director, Jamal Mahdi Abbas, said the dust storm had hit Karbala in the first hours of Tuesday, causing heavy breathing of about 200 citizens, who were driven to hospitals, warning that such cases would increase if the dust storm would continue till Wednesday.