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Noun1.Karel Capek - Czech writer who introduced the word `robot' into the English language (1890-1938)
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After the initial translation of Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' came the translation of the stories of another Czech writer, Karel Capek.
The term 'robot' was first coined when Karel Capek granted factory androids the ability to perform the work of 'two-and-a-half humans' in his 1920s play.
Contract award notice: financing investment projects editing interior layout of the building by karel capek in 1147 in jesenik (ipos) and parking under the building karel capek no.
Before exploring this question, let us step back and consider the first ancestor of this stylish, intriguing film: a play written in 1920 by the Czech author Karel Capek.
It was first used by the Czech writer Karel Capek in a 1920 play called R.
If it weren't for Norma Comrada, most people in this country probably never would know about Karel Capek (pronounced Carl CHAH peck), and that would be a shame.
The enormous success momentarily elevated Karel Capek to the status of one of the best-known science-fiction writers and playwrights, although later his work became shunned and almost forgotten.
As a child, the famous Czech author, Karel Capek, suffered from scarlet fever, and later developed Bechterew disease: he often complained of head and spinal pain, and suffered from typical spinal deformity.
Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Capek, was first performed in Czechoslovakia.
1920) de Karel Capek y El senor de Pigmalion (1921) de Jacinto Grau son dos obras dramaticas inquietantes que pertenecen al genero de la ciencia ficcion (1), coetaneas y de tematicas similares, a pesar de que sus protagonistas tecnologicos no tengan la misma funcion intertextual.
Pirandello, por ejemplo, en Seis personajes en busca de autor, o Karel Capek con sus salamandras.