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 (kə-rē′bə), Lake
A lake of south-central Africa on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. It is formed by the Kariba Dam (completed 1958) on the Zambezi River, which supplies electricity to the copper mining region of north-central Zambia and to parts of Zimbabwe. The creation of the lake forced the relocation of about 50,000 people.


(Placename) a lake on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, created by the building of the Kariba Dam across the Zambezi for hydroelectric power. Length: 282 km (175 miles)


(kəˈri bə)

an artificial lake on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, formed by a dam (Kari′ba Dam′): site of hydroelectric power project. ab. 2000 sq. mi. (5200 sq. km).
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Kariba Municipality has availed land to Government to build a new airport that would promote tourism in the prime destination.
com)-- ImpactChoice and Carbon Green Investments today announced that natural assets provided by Kariba REDD+ will be the first supply side project to make natural assets available for sale on the EARTH token Natural Asset Exchange (NAE).
Their newest project, which took them past the four million hectares figure in total, is a collaboration with the South Pole Group, based in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.
Perhaps the rising water is having, and will continue to have, positive effects on Kariba fishing.
The Kariba Dam is one of Africa's engineering wonders; 128m tall and 680m long, spanning the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Kariba, Zimbabwe- Energy-starved Zimbabwe on Thursday launched a $533-million project with China to scale up electricity generation at one of its major power plants in a bid to ease perennial energy woes.
Fragmentation of Natural Resources Management: Experiences From Lake Kariba
He suffered from asthma, which occasionally became a problem in the field--once in the back of beyond near Lake Kariba he was unable to sleep because of complications and we drove over an hour through the night to get to the nearest clinic.
The woman, identified as Sharai Mawera, was mauled to death in the attack in Mahombekombe, Kariba in Zimbabwe.
1960: The Kariba Dam on the Zambesi River was opened by the Queen Mother.
Gerald is a consultant to the largest croc farm in the world near Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Africa.
THE SIGHT of thousands of decomposing semi-submerged trees protruding from its murky waters is an eerie clue to the traumatic origins of southern Africa's Lake Kariba, a 200km long manmade reservoir wedged between Zimbabwe and Zambia.