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Noun1.Karl Baedeker - German publisher of a series of travel guidebooks (1801-1859)
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WHAT nationality was the publisher Karl Baedeker? WHERE in Europe, other than Moldova, is the leu the standard monetary unit?
As you know, a Baedeker was a series of guidebooks for travellers published in 1832 by Karl Baedeker, a German publisher.
The firm of Karl Baedeker first produced a guide to Switzerland in 1844; the first version in English appeared in 1863.
They were called the Baedeker Raids as it was believed the targets were selected from a set of travel guides published by Karl Baedeker (1850-1859), a German national.
The poem and its long epigraph presents itself as potted entries in the manner of the guidebooks of Karl Baedeker or John Murray, which, in a few lines, enable the tourists (Burbank, Bleistein, Sir Ferdinand Klein, or even the reader) to gather information on and to have access to cultural, historical, and geographical matters.
156:3 up--Baedeker's Guide: series of travelers' guidebooks published by the German Karl Baedeker (1801-59).