Karl Jaspers

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Noun1.Karl Jaspers - German psychiatrist (1883-1969)
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As a foundation for his study Whalen reminds his readers of Karl Jaspers' words, "What and how we remember ...
As the title shows, Grotzer chooses as a common focus for literary treatments of adolescence the idea of the "second birth." This second birth (in the philosophical and psychological tradition of Karl Jaspers) is the decisive move from "Ich" to "Selbst," i.e., from sheer subjectivity to the kind of personhood defined by a placing of the subject into a network of relationships to the other, to world and society, or to transcendence.
Para Karl Jaspers la libertad considerada y vivida de forma existencial tiene rasgos que la caracterizan de forma especial, ya que en ella ".la intensidad es energia, la tenacidad continuidad, la violencia afirmacion soberana de si" [6].
If the intentionality of beliefs is marked by some sort of propositional content expressing what the believer thinks, then the account of delusions as beliefs must confront one classic claim, originally expressed by Karl Jaspers, about many, if not all of them, viz., that 'Primary Delusions' are without meaning for their possessor, and incomprehensible for their observer (Chapter 4; the formula noted is expressed on 58).
Immanence, Self-Experience, and Transcendence in Edmund Husserl, Edith Stein, and Karl Jaspers, DERMOT MORAN
(Dilthey) was the first person to discuss psychology explicitly as a human science, and his emphasis on empathy and communion as preconditions for inter-personal understanding and the situated character of human inter-subjectivity had a profound impact on Edmund Husserl, Karl Jaspers, Max Scheler, Martin Buber and R.D.