Karl Marx

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Noun1.Karl Marx - founder of modern communismKarl Marx - founder of modern communism; wrote the Communist Manifesto with Engels in 1848; wrote Das Kapital in 1867 (1818-1883)
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On the one shelf at the library he found Karl Marx, Ricardo, Adam Smith, and Mill, and the abstruse formulas of the one gave no clew that the ideas of another were obsolete.
2 percent of the students could identify Karl Marx as the founder of communism, and most disappointing that only 26.
This myth also informs the work of Karl Marx and Max Weber, whose theories of alienation and bureaucratization claimed massness as a variable in explaining class consciousness.
Other speakers linked the theory of evolution to Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx.
KARL Marx has been voted the greatest thinker of the Millennium, 10 years after his communist system plunged into decline with the fall of the Berlin Wall.
La Balia, by Italian director Marco Bellochio, is based on the life of Karl Marx and how he re-shaped the world with his call for working class revolution.
Greider even pays a brief but unembarrassed homage to the most potent of the 19th century theorists, Karl Marx.
Karl Marx, whose ideas gave life to communism, believed that conflict over ethnic identity would give way to battles over the ownership of the means of production -- the masses would seize control of capital and the economies of nations.
In The 18th Brumarie of Louis Bonaparte, Karl Marx remarked that Hegel forgot to add: "The first time as tragedy, the second as farce.
Karl Marx, who had an eye for the invisible, wrote in his Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 about how this new religion was killing people outright or filling their lives with pain, and he denounced it as the fetishism of the commodity.
And he thinks he knows why Marx once said, "Je ne suis pas un Marxiste": There was this young German hero-worshipper who kept pestering the Great Man - organizing Karl Marx Clubs and such.