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I outfit it with two locally made sleeping mats, a Therma-Rest, a Karrimat, a blanket, a duvet jacket, two pillows, a -30[degrees]C synthetic bag and a lightweight down bag.
Annapurna 1970 had a similar impact on Karrimor for rucksacks, the Whillans Box (the special aluminum-framed high-altitude tent designed to Whillans' specifications and made by Karrimor using pack frame technology), and the Karrimat.
The reincarnation of the classic Karrimat, this lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant and CFC-free mat costs a little more than other closed-cell foam mats on the market, but will last you for years.
However, although self-inflating mats are very comfortable, when you camp out in very cold conditions you may still need the extra insulation of a closed-cell foam mat like the Karrimor Karrimat Expedition.
If the Thermarest punctured then I still had the Karrimat to fall back on.
So I usually put the waterproof fly-sheet over the top and lie naked on my Karrimat and cotton sleeping bag liner.
When sleeping, I use my old down bag (which is warm to about minus 5 [degrees] C) with a liner made of Meraklon, and a Karrimat as a ground sheet.