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also Ka·roo  (kə-ro͞o′)
A semiarid plateau region of southwest South Africa. It is divided into the North Karroo, along the Orange River; the Great (or Central) Karroo; and the Little Karroo, near the coast.


Variant of karoo.



n., pl. -roos for 2.
1. a vast plateau in the S Republic of South Africa, in Cape of Good Hope province. 100,000 sq. mi. (260,000 sq. km); 3000–4000 ft. (900–1200 m) above sea level.
2. (l.c.) Also, ka•roo′. an arid South African tableland with red clay soil.
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Supplements containing Acacia karroo foliage reduce nematode burdens in Nguni and crossbred cattle.
Acacia karroo is an important leguminous tree in communal rangelands of southern Africa and is able to thrive in severe and dry conditions.
The Soutpansberg mountain range contains Karroo Sequence sediments and ranges across 560km.
In Africa Striatopodocarpites cancellatus occurs in lower Permian strata in Tanzania [27] and also in the early Karroo deposits in the Orange Free State [28].
Jacobs, pitfall traps, Karroo bush (NCA 2008/1582); 1[female] Clanwilliam, Skerpheuwel (32.
Tolerance to soil temperatures experienced during and after the passage of fire in seeds of Acacia karroo, A.
These formations cover a pre-Cenozoic Karroo substrate consisting of shales with dolerite
Ayers came across the tropical import Diospyros lycioides, often called Karroo Bluebush, Monkey Plum or Red Star Apple, in Arizona when he was visiting the Tucson Botanic Gardens.
Several species occur in the Karroo desert; the western border runs through the Herero land; eastward, species are known to Transvaal and Natal.
Karroo thorn, rosewood and kochia were found to pose the greatest threat under climate change while white weeping broom and fringed dodder were predicted to have the highest risk of establishing in new areas.
Spring is the best time to catch Kirstenbosch, and also the Karroo which in the South African summer seems a dry wasteland beyond the coastal mountain chain but is transformed into a floral wonderland after the winter rains.