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Noun1.Karttikeya - Hindu god of bravery
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Before beginning the day's work, potter sebaka Karttikeya Bishoi touches the paddle to his forehead in a gesture of reverence to Lord Jagannatha.
Lien's study of Hindu deities in South Vietnam discusses the images of Brahmanical divinities (Siva in various forms, Vishnu, Brahma, Karttikeya, Lakshmi and various goddesses) on miniscule gold plaques from south Vietnam.
Devoted to Shaivism portraying various forms of Shiva, Parvati, Karttikeya or Subramanya, Ganesha and other Shaiva deities; and 3.
Tonnet proposed the following identifications for the eight deities on the interposed reliefs: (1) Brhaspati, or alternatively Bhatara Guru (or a syncretic merging of the two) (relief 2); (2) Hanuman (relief 5); (3) Brahmanaspati (relief 8); (4) Surya (relief 11); (5) Karttikeya (relief 14); (6) Kama (relief 17) (7) Visvakarman (relief 20); and (8) Narada (relief 23).
The discovery, however, of a beautiful image of Karttikeya, evidently of the Sena period, conjoins it naturally to as far back as that period.
Skandaalso called Karttikeya or Subrahmanya, Kumara ,
German porcelain image of Karttikeya, directly based on a Kalighat painting and bearing a branded seal at the back (below) reading "B.
In Tonnet's opinion (1908:144), the deity represented here is Karttikeya or Skanda, the god of war, in his capacity as Senapati, leader of the armies of the gods.
It reportedly includes 40 paintings (watercolors) from 1800s of Kali, Durga and Her Lion killing Maheshasura, Karttikeya, Krishna-Balarama, Ganesh, Krishna-Radha, Gajalakshmi, etc.