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n.1.See Carvel, and Caravel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Johnson's critique culminates with his portrayal of the "Dome of Light," a "bioDome" built in Antarctica by Thomas Karvel, a popular right-wing American landscape artist, in order to escape what he perceives as the decline of American culture.
The STB-based concept of primary use (rail) and secondary use (non-rail) is reflected in Karvel's highest and best use decision tree, (16) which identifies four outcomes on a macro-level analysis.
Karvel et al., Minnesota Business Migration: Relocation, Expansion, and Formation in Border States, AM.
This theory is consistent with only one of the three options on a highest and best use decision tree developed by George Karvel. (20) Karvel offered three highest and best use paths when considering continued use of a railroad line:
William Kinnard, MAI, SRA, PhD, and Maxwell Ramsland, Jr., MAI; Jeffery Fisher and George Lentz; and Robert Martin, MAT, SREA, and Scott Nafe, MAT, present compelling arguments for the existence of BEV in regional malls, while Mark Kenney, MAT, SRPA; Kerry Vandell; and Peter Patchin and George Karvel cogently put forth the opposing point of view.
This point was made by George Karvel and Peter Patchin, who argued that consistency would suggest that a BEV proponent who advises a deduction for BEV during good times would need to advise an addition for BEV during bad times.(28) In essence, the underperforming property would be penalized additionally for its poor performance by paying more in property taxes than an appraisal of only the real estate might suggest.
In their article, "The Business Value of Super Regional Shopping Centers and Malls," Karvel and Patchin note that "a careful analysis of a shopping center's or mall's statement of income and expense is a prerequisite for successful valuation." The authors then adjust the mall's net income history for outside management fees and profit from retail and service operations to arrive at net income attributable to the real property.