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 (kăz′bä′, käz′-)
Variant of Casbah.


(ˈkæzbɑː) or


n (sometimes capital)
1. (Architecture) the citadel of any of various North African cities
2. the quarter in which a kasbah is located. Compare medina
[from Arabic qaṣba citadel]


or Cas•bah

(ˈkæz bɑ, ˈkɑz-)

the older, native Arab quarter of a North African city, esp. Algiers.
[< Arabic qaṣabah citadel]
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Noun1.kasbah - an older or native quarter of many cities in northern Africa; the quarter in which the citadel is located
quarter - a district of a city having some distinguishing character; "the Latin Quarter"


[ˈkæzbɑː] Ncasba(h) f


[ˈkæzbɑː] ncasba
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Making his return to the fray over three miles here in October, Rock The Kasbah justified 2-1 favouritism with a victory over Petrou.
James Walsh will be performing some of his greatest hits, including 'Love Will Never Let You Down' and 'Rocky Mountain Way' at the Kasbah show.
The property features a range of dining options, including La Terrasse rooftop pool lounge, The Kasbah all-day restaurant, The Kasbar and The Lounge.
Il est donc question de mettre en oeuvre, dans la synergie et la concorde, un plan d'action defini dans le temps, fonde sur l'intervention concrete de tous les operateurs en place, en vue du reamenagement de la Kasbah d'Agadir, en parfaite conformite des normes de rehabilitation et des specificites des lieux.
Kasbah is now well placed to move forward towards developing the Achmmach Tin Project.
In a statement from the Kasbah nightclub, a spokesman said: "I can confirm the individual was being restrained and held by the security after throwing his mobile phone at point blank range and hitting a member of security just beneath the eye.
CARL Barat is bringing his new band The Jackals (above) to The Kasbah later this month.
A noter que le mouvement Ennahdha a fete le 33eme anniversaire de sa creation, en organisant un festival politique et culturel a la Kasbah ; et que la ceremonie de levee du drapeau national a coincide avec les festivites organisees par le mouvement Ennahdha dans la meme zone.
Kasbah Systems has selected IBM SoftLayer to host its Genius University Management System (Genius UMS), an innovative cloud based integrated administration and management solution that consists of various fully independent functional modules, starting from admission to graduation.
Summary: With its rich history, winding white-washed alleyways and enviable Mediterranean setting, the Kasbah of Algiers has been a world heritage site for 20 years but is now threatened by neglect and decay.
Une convention portant sur la valorisation touristique de trois kasbah a Skoura, Zagoura et Errachidia a ete signee mercredi, a Ouarzazate.
Luxury eco-friendly stays not to miss: Morocco Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco In the heart of the Atlas Mountains overlooking snowcapped Jebel Toubkal, this Kasbah is more than just a pretty view (although itOs worth coming for that alone).