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Noun1.Kashag - the advisory board of the Tibetan government-in-exile
advisory board, planning board - a board appointed to advise the chief administrator
Kalon Tripa - the chairman of the Kashag and essentially head of the Tibetan government-in-exile
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One of the most important functions performed by the first session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament was the approval to the Kalons (Ministers) nominated by Sikyong (Political leader/ PM) Lobsang Sangay for his Kashag.
March 26: At the instruction of the Kashag, Takla Phuntsok Tashi approached the Chinese ambassador in New Delhi, Li Qinen, to request the Chinese government to allow another Tibetan fact-finding delegation, led by Gyalo Thondup, to visit Tibet, stating that Xi Zhongxun told the Tibetan exploratory team who visited Beijing in 1984 that the Chinese government would welcome Gyalo Thondup if he visited China.
However, the present Dalai Lama insists today that politically speaking, the control of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile is in the hands of a democratically elected prime minister and Kashag (Tibetan Cabinet).
If the Dalai Lama's steps down, the political head of the government would be the Kashag, the PM or the head of the cabinet.
En la pequena plaza Dharamsala se encuentran las principales sedes de las instituciones del Tibet en el exilio: el gobierno, o tambien conocido como Kashag, cuyo gabinete esta formado por ocho ministros; el Parlamento, formado por 46 diputados, nueve de ellos monjes; el Tribunal Supremo; el Archivo Nacional, y el templo que acoge al oraculo, que unas 10 veces al ano aconseja sobre las fechas propicias para llevar adelante los proyectos gubernamentales.
In 1974, following serious discussions with my Kashag (cabinet), as well as the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the then Assembly of the Tibetan People's Deputies, we decided to find a Middle Way that would seek not to separate Tibet from China, but would facilitate the peaceful development of Tibet.
The decision to mark March 10 also as Martyrs Day was taken during the second general meeting jointly convened by the Kashag Tibetan cabinet in exile and the Tibetan parliament last year.
As Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay recently reiterated that the Kashag discourage Tibetans inside Tibet from taking extreme measures.
Dharamshala, Sep 28 ( ANI ): Tibetan exiles from across the world met here and have appealed to the Kashag (Council of Ministers) of the exiled Tibetan Government to make efforts for the visit of spiritual leader Dalai Lama to Tibet.
If there were serious or important cases, the Kashag (Cabinet of Ministers) would summon the two magistrates (mi dpon) and give them appropriate instructions on how to deal with the matter.
As per appeals, repeated appeals, by the Tibetan Parliament, the Kashag, many NGO's, Tibetans included, have urged the United Nations to send a special rapporteur or an envoy to Tibet to investigate the real conditions inside Tibet.
They told the Kashag that the English was the most widely used language in the world and that Tibetan children should be taught English so that Tibetans themselves would be able to manage their political and military affairs, and handle electricity, mining and other technologies without depending on others.