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A region of Poland on the Baltic sea, part of the historical region of Pomerania.
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Contract awarded for Construction of canoe infrastructure in the skarszewy commune as part of the project pomeranian canoeing trails - wierzyca through kashubia on kociewie
Pawel Duczmal makes his recordings on train trips around Europe - including tiny local trains in Polish Kashubia and a village fair in Suloszowa - on a small Sony tape recorder with an external microphone.
(14) Shirley Mask Connolly, Kashubia to Canada: Crossing on the Agda, (Self-published: Doculink, 2003), 165-172.
Religion e Gales, Escocia, Kashubia, historia comunes Sicilia.
This is best expressed in a Kashubian saying: "There is no Kashubia without Poland, nor Poland without Kashubia." (Agnieszka Gutthy)
Kashubia to Canada: Crossing on the Agda: An Emigration Story.
Together with the Solidarity Movement, my ethnic roots, my hometown of Gdansk, and my region of Kashubia have probably played the most formative role in my life.