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n. pl. Kaskaskia or Kas·kas·ki·as
A member of a Native American people forming part of the Illinois confederacy.
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All these elements were demonstrated abundantly when Clark petitioned then-governor of Virginia Patrick Henry for support, recruited volunteers for the Illinois Campaign, and won the first victory of the campaign by taking Kaskaskia without firing a shot.
When George Rogers Clark led the daring attack on British Kaskaskia, Kenton played a key role.
Crewmembers of the USS Kaskaskia will hold their reunion Sept.
He currently teaches Ethics and Philosophy at Kaskaskia College in Centralia, Illinois.
For readers who crave adventure with their historical fiction Wind Dancer (B&H Books 978-0-8054-4534-3) by Jamie Carie places fiery Isabelle Holt in the center of the action as American Revolutionaries capture the British town of Kaskaskia and seek a truce with the Shawnee tribe that is terrorizing the surrounding settlements.
At Kaskaskia Supply and Rental in Vandalia, Ill., a 50-foot metal dragon is posed in front of the store to welcome customers, people driving by and even tourists who come to check him out.
taxpayer funds for the benefit of the Kaskaskia Tribe would not, of course, be limited exclusively to secular activities (e.g., job training, skill instruction, or recreation), but would also be used for activities such as daily Mass, religious instruction, worship of God, and evangelizing those who did not believe in God.
KASKASKIA (AO-27)--September 13-17, 2006, Branson, Missouri, Contact Pare Brown, Phone (417) 3384048, Website www.reunionproregistration.com/usskaskaskia.htm.
In this text/CD-ROM package for undergraduates, Norstrom (Kaskaskia College) and Cole (Mississippi State University) teach basic proofreading skills in ten brief lessons.