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n. pl. Kaskaskia or Kas·kas·ki·as
A member of a Native American people forming part of the Illinois confederacy.
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When their travels led them near hostile Spanish territories, they turned back and traveled along the Illinois River, finding safety among the Kaskaskia Indians. Marquette founded the Mission of the Immaculate Conception, but left the mission in the hands of Father Pierre-Gabriel Marest when his health declined.
In the 1803 treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians, the Catholic Church was funded because priests were working with the Indians, many of whom had become Catholics.
to good government and the happiness of mankind"?(11) Moreover, why did the Senate ratify a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians in 1803 that appropriated $100 annually for priestly ministrations and $300 for the erection of a church?(12) These examples - and the myriad other instances of federal aid to religious entities in the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries - do not, of course, dictate how present generations should interpret the Constitution's Religion Clauses.