Katherine Anne Porter

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Noun1.Katherine Anne Porter - United States writer of novels and short stories (1890-1980)
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National Book Awards were presented for the following: fiction, The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter; history and biography, A Thousand Days by Arthur M.
Eliot, Paul Green, Robert Lowell, Katherine Anne Porter, Karl Shapiro, Allen Tate, Willard Thorp, Robert Penn Warren, Leonie Adams, and Theodore Spencer.
Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction, this collection will appeal to readers looking for a raw and moving read.
IN THE FINAL YEARS OF HER LIFE, FINANCIALLY MORE SECURE THAN AT ANY other time, Katherine Anne Porter was able to furnish her environment according to her tastes.
Contemporaries of Thomas Wolfe who did write about the pandemic include Willa Cather, John Dos Passos, William Maxwell, Mary McCarthy, Katherine Anne Porter, and Wallace Stegner.
In this first monograph on the American novelist Jayne Anne Phillips, Robertson (no affiliation given) demonstrates the importance of Phillips' place within the southern literary canon by identifying the echoes of William Faulkner, Katherine Anne Porter and Edgar Allan Poe that permeate her work.
The question of Simms's influence on Flannery O'Connor and Katherine Anne Porter is difficult partly because they do not acknowledge any such influence.
Barrientos cross-reads Cortazar's "Letter to a Lady in Paris" and "Second Journey" with Sigmund Freud's analysis of the symbolism embedded in dreams and sees "After Lunch" in light of Katherine Anne Porter's "He," for example.
Readers of Katherine Anne Porter's fiction may notice a similarity among "Old Mortality," "He," "Noon Wine," and "Holiday." This study will attempt to establish a paradigmatic frame of reference that reflects Porter's concerns regarding the importance of language and the construction of identity.
He is the author of an AAR article on Morrison's Beloved, as well as published essays on Willa Cather, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Henry James, and Katherine Anne Porter.
In 1962 Katherine Anne Porter used Brant's title for her allegorical novel in which the German ship Vera is a microcosm of life.
The Itching Parrot by Katherine Anne Porter, 1942), the first novel written in Latin America.