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A peninsula of western India projecting into the Arabian Sea between the Gulfs of Kutch and Khambhat.
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(Placename) a large peninsula of W India, in Gujarat between the Gulf of Kutch and the Gulf of Cambay. Area: about 60 690 sq km (23 430 sq miles)
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(ˌkɑ ti əˈwɑr)

a peninsula on the W coast of India.
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A thin, high Kathiawar mare, with eyes and nostrils aflame, rocketed out of the jam, snorting and wincing as her rider bent her across the road in chase of a shouting man.
With no prior experience in this role, the pilots were literally at sea but on the very first day of the war, at about 6:00 pm, a Fokker from Karachi flying along the Kathiawar coast sighted a flotilla of six Indian warships and two merchant ships.
In the 1886 CE, he went to Palitana, Kathiawar, and stayed there for four months during the rainy season.
Junagadh was a state enjoying a history of over two hundred years (founded in 1735) with approximately 3,700 sq miles of land on the southwest of Kathiawar sharing its borders with 279 princely states of Kathiawar and 84 miles coastline along the Arabian shores had all the imaginable comforts for the people of the state.
It helped the Union Government in disciplining the rebellious princely states of Junagarh and the small principality of Kathiawar in Gujarat which had declined to join the Indian Union.
(20) As Surat (Gujarat) declined as a major port during the mid-eighteenth century, ports in Kathiawar and Kutch in Gujarat rose in prominence (Das Gupta 1987).
Due to the change in course of River Indus, Kathia tribe of Sindh migrated to Kutch and established Kathiawar, irrigation system was disturbed and that situation remained from 700-900 AD.19 Dry climate from 700-900 AD proved helpful for Arabs to conquer Sindh.20 Temperature decreased from 1480 AD in South Asia.
After successful capture of the independent states of Hyderabad, Junagadh, Munawadar, Kathiawar, Jammu and Kashmir and Goa between 1948 and 1961, India felt confident and experienced to take on China.
In this regard, Sorabji was given special permission to enter pleas on the behalf of the purdahnashins before British agents of Kathiawar and Indore principalities, but she was unable to defend them in court since, as a woman, she did not hold professional standing in the Indian legal system.
Junagadh was the premier state in the western Kathiawar region of India, commanding great strategic importance as a maritime state.
Community Structure and Distribution Pattern of Intertidal Invertebrate Macrofauna at Some Anthropogenically Influenced Coasts of Kathiawar Peninsula (India).
I find myself in Kathiawar (before the hour of birth),