Katmai National Park

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Kat′mai Na′tional Park′

a national park in SW Alaska including Mt. Katmai and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. 5806 sq. mi. (l5,038 sq. km).
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Noun1.Katmai National Park - a national park in Alaska featuring mountainsKatmai National Park - a national park in Alaska featuring mountains
AK, Alaska, Last Frontier - a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States"
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They remained at her side when she emerged from hibernation last year and set about fishing for sockeye salmon in Katmai National Park and Preserve.
Not in the Alaskan wilderness, where the bears at Katmai national park are unwittingly fighting for the title of the tubbiest in Fat Bear Week -- the fourth annual competition to determine which bear will be fattest before a half-year hibernation.
On the other hand, remote beaches at Alaska's Cape Krusenstern National Monument and Katmai National Park and Preserve contained more microplastics than the shores of Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area just outside New England's most populous city.
There is a visit to the brown bears of the Katmai National Park and Reserve - they are some of the biggest in the world and need to build up a thick layer of fat before they hibernate.
Wild Alaska Live BBC1, 7pm NATURE Liz Bonnin is by the water in Katmai National Park, as 300 million salmon are swimming her way - closely followed by hundreds of hungry brown bears.
Liz Bonnin is live in remote Katmai National Park, Matt Baker trails a black bear family in Tongrass National Forest, and Steve Backshall dives with the salmon at their destination.
Here, Liz Bonnin, Matt Baker and Steve Backshall are the dream team of BBC nature presenters who report on the event, with Bonnin live in remote Katmai National Park, Baker trailing a black bear family in Tongrass National Forest, and Backshall diving with the salmon at their destination.
Stationed in a protected area within Katmai National Park, 300 miles from the nearest road, Liz is hoping to focus on the subtleties and complexities of bear behaviour.
Our most devoted park aficionado, who has visited more than 100 national parks, monuments and historic sites so far, said his most amazing experience came after spending a month at Katmai National Park watching the bears feast on the annual salmon run.
Lynx are periodically observed in Katmai National Park, particularly in the vicinity of Brooks River (Fig.
Katmai National Park illustrates a pattern of broad NPS discretion, conservation constraints imposed by other federal environmental statutes, and infrequent specific congressional action to authorize special provisions for enjoyment of the park and other activities.