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 (kä′wə-bä′tə), Yasunari 1899-1972.
Japanese writer whose novels, including Thousand Cranes (1952), often concern alienated, lonely individuals in search of beauty and purity. He won the 1968 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Yasunari (ˌjæsʊˈnɑːrɪ). 1899–1972, Japanese novelist, author of Yukiguni (Snow Country, 1948) and Yama no oto (The Sound of the Mountain, 1954): Nobel prize for literature 1968


(ˌkɑ wəˈbɑ tə, -tɑ)

Yasunari, 1899–1972, Japanese writer: Nobel prize 1968.
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In the event of natural disasters in Tajikistan, there is a high risk of disruption to food production, says WFP Deputy Country Director Mariko Kawabata.
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Al final del texto de Kawabata me quede con mucha zozobra, con un sentimiento de impotencia al saber que no habia disfrutado tanto la historia, que no comprendi muchas cosas.
The surprise of apprehending beauty and the sadness of its passing away are the twin themes Yasunari Kawabata returns to time and again.
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A disposable absorbent article intended to be worn around the waist of a wearer, said article comprising: a chassis having a front portion, a back portion and a crotch portion there between, and optionally comprises a waistband; and an absorbent core secured to the chassis in at least the crotch portion, wherein a printed tag is arranged on the inner wearer facing side of the chassis in at least one of said front portion, back portion, and said waistband, said article having a longitudinal (y) and a transverse (x) direction, wherein said printed tag has at least one first area which is fixedly attached to the chassis and at least one second area which is unattached, the unattached area of the tag has a Bending rigidity according to Kawabata of not more than 0.
The boy was reportedly forced by his step-father, Maasa Kawabata, 28, to play the game for at least three hours daily and with no breaks in between for a period of three weeks, reported (http://www.