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n. pl. tenge
See Table at currency.

[Kazakh; akin to terms for coins in other Turkic languages such as Turkmen teňň, subunit of currency ; ultimately akin to Sanskrit ṭaṅkaḥ, a stamped coin, and Persian tanga, a gold or copper coin.]
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(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Kazakhstan, divided into 100 tiyn
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Noun1.tenge - 100 tenge equal 1 manat in Turkmenistan
Turkmen monetary unit - monetary unit in Turkmenistan
2.tenge - the basic unit of money in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstani monetary unit - monetary unit in Kazakhstan
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According to reports from Kazakhstan's state media, the government is willing to pay nearly 218 billion Kazakhstani tenge or US $664 million to convert the Cyrillic script into a Latin-based script during the course of the next seven years during a three-stage transition process.
In 2017, the government allocated at least 162.7 million Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) ($491,080) to direct victim assistance, including 159 million KZT ($479,910) for shelter assistance and 3.7 million KZT ($11,170) for victim assistance during investigations, an increase from 25.97 million KZT ($78,390) in 2016.
Kazakh Investment and Development Ministry previously said that the project, which will cost 150 billion Kazakhstani tenge ($467.9 million), would be launched by Turkish and Korean investors, Anadolu news agency reported.
Kazakhstani tenge has recently been under pressure due to crude oil price fall and the devaluation of Russia's ruble.

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