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 (kä′zäk-stän′, kə-zäk′-)
A country of west-central Asia south of Russia and northeast of the Caspian Sea. The original Turkic inhabitants were overrun by the Mongols in the 1200s and ruled by various khanates until the Russian conquest of 1730 to 1863. The region was incorporated into the USSR in 1920 and was named the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic from 1936 to 1991, when it gained its independence. Astana is the capital, and Almaty is the largest city.
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(ˌkɑːzɑːkˈstæn; -ˈstɑːn) or


(Placename) a republic in central Asia: conquered by Mongols in the 13th century; came under Russian control in the 18th and 19th centuries; was a Soviet republic from 1936 until it gained independence in 1991. It has rich mineral deposits and agriculture is important. Official language: Kazakh. Religion: nonreligious, Muslim, and Christian. Official currency: tenge. Capital: Astana (formerly Akmola, Akmolinsk, or Tselinograd); capital functions moved from Almaty (formerly Alma-Ata) in 1997. Pop: 17 736 896 (2013 est). Area: 2 715 100 sq km (1 048 030 sq miles)
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(ˌkɑ zɑkˈstɑn)

a republic in central Asia, NE of the Caspian Sea and W of China. 16,824,825; 1,049,155 sq. mi. (2,717,311 sq. km). Cap.: Akmola. Former official name, Kazakh′ So′viet So′cialist Repub′lic.
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Noun1.Kazakhstan - a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian SeaKazakhstan - a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian Sea; the original Turkic-speaking inhabitants were overrun by Mongols in the 13th century; an Asian soviet from 1936 to 1991
CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States - an alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991
Alma-Ata, Almaty - the largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital until 1998
Asia - the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations
Kazakhstani - a native or inhabitant of Kazakhstan
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nước Kazakhstan


[ˌkæzəksˈtɑːn] NKazajstán m
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[ˌkɑːzɑːkˈstɑːn] nKazakhstan m
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[ˌkæzækˈstɑːn] nKazakistan m
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كَازَاخِسْتَان Kazachstán Kasakhstan Kasachstan Καζακστάν Kazajstán Kazakstan Kazakhstan Kazahstan Kazakistan カザフスタン 카자흐스탄 Kazakhstan Kasakhstan Kazachstan Cazaquistão Казахстан Kazakstan ประเทศคาซักสถาน Kazakistan nước Kazakhstan 哈萨克斯坦
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'In the peace talks in Moscow, which was the first time such a talk was taking place in a major regional capital of the world with the neighbours of Afghanistan all present there including from Kazakistan where and where delegations of the Taliban and delegation of Afghan Peace Council sat together, the Afghan Ambassador was there in that meeting, so it can be seen as positive step, a first step that will definitely give the result.
An inspired Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) who handed unbeaten Kazakistan's Gennady GGG Golovkin his first defeat in September, also wasted no time to call out to retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, 41, the only fighter who defeated him back in 2013.
On the sidelines of 6th RTG Meeting here on Friday, Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lieutenant General Omar Mahmood Hayat and Deputy Chairman, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Kazakistan, Nurmagambetov Talgat signed the MOU.
Indonesia turning from Kazakistan, slight positive.
Diger yandan Suudi Arabistan, Katar, Kazakistan, Iran, Rusya ve Guney Kore gibi bazi ulkelerin de hic kadin buyukelci gorevlendirmedigi gorulmektedir.
Producer of the film Rahul Mittra said, "The film will be shot in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh and Randeep, who is a champion horseman and rider, will film the extensive action and racing sequences in Kazakistan, where real locations will pass off as North India from the '20s."
The first war games took place between China and Kyrgyzstan in October 2002, and expanded set of exercises were held in Kazakistan and Xinjiang in August 2003.

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