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(ˈkeɪ zɪn)
Alfred, 1915–98, U.S. literary critic.
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We were the two upstarts on the program, which otherwise featured such heavy hitters as Alfred Kazin and Philip Young and Mary Hemingway.
In a new compendious and erudite history of the left, American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation, Georgetown University historian Michael Kazin does not closely examine the Obama presidency, but he suggests that such despair may just be a constituent part of belonging to the left.
68) Nowhere was this more apparent than in the New York literary and intellectual circles in which Kazin moved as a young critic.
In this account of the American Left from the 1820s through 2010, Kazin (history, Georgetown U.
According to historian Michael Kazin, he had an "impact on politics and political culture during the reform era that began in the mid-1890s and lasted until the early 1920s" near to that of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (xiv).
Performed by Parker and Jeffrey Kazin, wearing neck-to-toe Velcro suits, the dance dramatizes the consequences of being stuck on one another.
The Best Way To Respond is To 'Treat Americans as Partners in the Grand Enterprise of Governance,' Writes Michael Kazin
The idea that the '60s was basically an engagement between two different sides, and both sides have equal dignity and interest, was pioneered by the guy whose office we're sitting in, Mike Kazin, in his book co-written by Maurice Isserman, America Divided: The Civil War of the 1960s, which came out in 2000.
I recall a debate many years ago between Maurice Samuel and Alfred Kazin in which the former claimed that only specific transmissions of Jewish content can be termed "Jewish.
Thirty years ago, the editors let Alfred Kazin dilate on the subtle differences one finds between Robert Lowell's poetic vision and John Ashberry's.
Mohammed Kazin, aged 10, added: "I help my dad grow leeks at home.
Nonetheless, Kazin proceeds to interpret Bryan as a "Christian Leftist" and ideological precursor of the left wing of the Democratic Party.