abbreviation for
(Currencies) koruna
[Czech koruna československá]
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Table 1 comparatively lists the sociodemographic variables among KCS-positive patients and those without KCS. Concerning this sociodemographic data, while the KCS group was older (50.7 [13.3] vs.
acnes) induce excess KC proliferation and FLG expression in the epidermis through the induction of IGF-1, which activates the IGF-1 receptor (IGF-1R) on KCs. This causes follicular plugging that is frequently observed in patients with acne vulgaris.
There were 46 patients in grade III (severe) KCS and 20 patients in grade IV (very severe) KCS. At the end of study only 24 were in grade II (moderate) KCS and 2 in grade III KCS.
The results demonstrate that close contact of DP cells with KC layers inhibits the proliferation of KCs. It corresponds to the absence of KC proliferation in coated aggregates.
The VHA's cost per patient for AK was relatively low--$965 per patient in 2012--but the number of patients--197,041--was more than four times higher than any of the KCs. There were 49,229 veterans with BCC, 26,310 veterans with SCC, 8,050 veterans with unspecified KC, 5,876 veterans with SCC in situ, and 512 veterans with genital skin cancer, according to the analysis of administrative data on outpatient care and prescription drugs provided or paid by the VHA in fiscal year 2012.
The four funds overseen by NVM each published stock market notes, announcing the realisation of investments in KCS.
To bring or leave domestic animals at KCS. (There are more than fifty dogs and as many roaming cats).
Isolation and Culture of KCs. The animals were anesthetized using sodium pentobarbital and placed on a plastic tray, to which their limbs were pinned to keep them as straight as possible.
"We have created a team of seasoned experts and dedicated international professionals, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and bearing a distinguished track record of implementation in several industries to help develop smart business transformation," said Waleed Kanoo, director of EK Kanoo and chairman of KCS. The group elaborated on the strengths the new firm in the following areas of specialisation: ERP -- It will provide world-class ERP services throughout the whole project life-cycle, from project planning and initialisation to normalisation within the organisation.
For clinical trial inclusion criteria consisted of a STT value [less than or equal to] 10 mm/minute (Hendrick et al., 2011) and clinical signs of KCS. Dogs with corneal ulcers, bacterial keratitis, systemic neoplasia or an immunosuppressive therapy for a systemic disease and or recent prior therapy with sulphonamide or sulphasalazine were excluded from the trial.