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vb (intr)
to miscarry or reject a lamb
a ewe that has miscarried or rejected a lamb
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Noun1.keb - Egyptian god of the earthKeb - Egyptian god of the earth; father of Osiris and Isis
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At that time, the FSC questioned the qualifications of Kim as the regulator didn't think he was the right person to carry out corporate governance restructuring within the banking group given his involvement in decisions to extend loans for a local startup via KEB Hana Bank, which was also controversial.
Born of the merger between Hana Bank and Korea Exchange Bank in September 2015, KEB Hana Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Korea in terms of total assets, revenues, profitability and capital adequacy.
In the United States, KEB operates three wholly owned subsidiaries: KEB NY Financial Corp.
through which Hana FG will raise its stake in KEB to 100% from 60% --
15 March 2012 - Korea Exchange Bank (SEO:004940), or KEB, aims to generate 15% of its total income from international business, up from 10% at present, CEO Yun Yong Ro said at a news conference as cited by Bloomberg today.
This is the final approval needed for Lone Star to exit KEB, after two previous failed attempts.
South Korea s banking industry is facing a major landscape change this year with the KEB s sale and the upcoming privatization of state-owned Woori Finance Holdings, the country s No.
According to RBS analyst John Buoaccorsi, KEB is said to be the cheapest market for banking in Asia.
Blue would not reveal how much money it had received from the fund to help the purchase or how much it had paid for KEB.
Blues artist KEB MO appeals to all music lovers with Keep It Simple (Epic), which features 12 songs that he wrote or co-wrote and which explore "various experiences in the human condition.